Traveling Chalice Box for Families

Toy hedgehog lit by the glow of a flaming chalice sitting on a low table
Hollis the Hedgehog

This offline way of staying tied to our Unitarian Universalist traditions might be especially helpful to families with younger children or for whom the Zoom-based programming is a challenge. 

In some ways, the Traveling Chalice Box will be like a fun, UU subscription box! Each week a different family will receive the Traveling Chalice Box, which will include a chalice, some altar items, copies of Sunday and Every Day and Conversations with the Sacred, and Hollis the Hedgehog. Throughout their week with the Traveling Chalice Box, families can use it to facilitate spiritual practice and discussion. Families are invited to play with and learn with Hollis the Hedgehog, and to record their adventures in the Chalice Journal. At the end of the week, the box will go to a new family, who can take inspiration from the previous family’s experiences.  Sign up to receive the Traveling Chalice Box.

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