Technical Difficulties on Sunday 11/22

UUC has been fortunate to have had a relatively glitch-free experience in live-streaming our Sunday Services each week. We did run into a big issue on Sunday, November 22, when our usual streaming service was not responding to our signal. It took a while for our Sunday tech crew to diagnose the problem as one that was not on our end. This allowed them to make a smooth pivot to a new platform and the live stream was up and running.

We were able to present a revised-on-the-fly worship service with many of the elements typically featured in UUC’s Sunday services, and you’ll find video and audio recordings here. The sermon planned by Rev. Beth Chronister, however, was deferred to next Sunday, November 29. We anticipate offering our 9:30 a.m. start via livestream next Sunday, as well as the “Worship Zoom” option for those who look forward to joining other UUC members and friends for a shared worship experience.

Sorry for the technical difficulties that were unfortunately beyond our control. This did allow us to create some new back-up processes that will help us respond more quickly in the future.