Second Sunday Plate Collection: Sharing our Resources

Each month, we share our offering plate with a partner organization as part of our congregation’s commitment to social justice and being part of a larger ecosystem working towards a more just and equitable planet. In this time of pandemic, uncertainty, and economic downturn, the need for rapid and direct support has increased substantially as those who were already living on the margins are now more vulnerable and many more are newly impacted. 

In responding to this collective moment, the Social Justice Steering Committee is adapting how we approach the special plate collection for May. Instead of dedicating our giving to one organization and funneling those gifts through UUC, we are asking people to give directly to funds and services that share resources with people who are in immediate need. We understand that there are families at UUC who are unable to give at this time. However, if you are someone who can give back to the wider community, the Social Justice Steering Committee is suggesting five different local direct aid funds where your generosity would support people in solidarity. 

~Social Justice Steering Committee and Rev. Beth Chronister