Report from the Food and Climate Change Event

In early October, three UUC families hosted a Food and Climate Change Event. Together they cooked their favorite vegetarian recipes over Zoom and told us about the ways food and climate justice are intertwined in their lives. In addition to UUC families, we welcomed a family from the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship and a set of grandparents to the event. Guests were invited to cook alongside the presenting families and to share about how they think about food and climate change.

Here, the UUC families share about their experience leading this event:

Our family (Walkers) really enjoyed the youth and family climate justice event focused on food production. It was great to cook vegetarian meals with the other participants on zoom, chit chatting about what we were preparing. Sarah (mom) was grateful for a reason to use up some of the coconut milk that had been sitting in the pantry for a while. Norah (10 years old) says it was her job to “stir some stuff,” and the grown-ups were there to “help with the cooking, conversation and share stories and stuff like that.” Mike (dad) says it was a great way to bond with other families. Our family made sweet and sticky tofu with rice and it was delicious! After cooking, we ate our prepared meal on video with other families while discussing how food production and climate change are related. We really enjoyed hearing from other youth and families about their experiences and commitments to eating in ways that are good for our planet. Norah says she learned that “being vegetarian or reducing some of the meat you eat can really help if multiple people do it.” This was a great and joyful event that helped us feel close to other families at UUC, spend time together as a family, and learn some great information about helping our planet.

The Walker Family

The Grow family (Ellie, Emma and Mollie & Joel) enjoyed sharing and learning in the planning with other families, and merging together a love for the earth and food, as well as cooking! Ellie and Emma enjoyed picking a recipe we could share. The process of all cooking together with other families via Zoom was quite fun – we kind of felt like we were on a cooking show. It got us all in the kitchen together, which we rarely do, and the time flew by! It was bonus that grandparents and a family in Bellingham could join, too. We also all learned and appreciated sharing in the reflections of why eating a vegetarian meal is good for the planet. Overall, such a meaningful way to connect through UU faith.

The Grow Family

We hope you will take a look at our online Vegetarian Recipe Collection, where we are slowly collecting our favorite vegetarian recipes to share. UUC children, youth, and their parents are also invited to join the Youth and Families Justice Action Group in UUC Connect, where we will continue to post resources and events for families related to climate action and justice.