Re-Imagining Public Safety: Restorative Justice with Yoga Behind Bars

Logo: Yoga behind bars - 10 years of transformation

Sunday, January 17, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Practice and Discussion via Zoom

As part of UUC’s programming on Re-Imagining Public Safety organized by the Racial Justice and Immigrant Justice teams, we have invited Yoga Behind Bars to lead a virtual program with our church community on January 17. Experience some gentle accessible yoga and discuss how our society might move from a corrections and prison system that re-enforces trauma to one that heals. Watch for additional details and registration in early January. 

Yoga Behind Bars is a Seattle based organization that works with Washington State corrections to create opportunities within the prison system for yoga and meditation classes for incarcerated people, as well as prison staff. Since 2015, they have offered yoga teacher trainings for incarcerated people. 

They are working to end the cycle of repeated incarceration by offering a healing practice that encourages participants to reclaim their agency through choice, inclusion, and nervous-system regulation. They are part of a movement that encourages people to think and act differently, to re-imagine our criminal justice system.1

Yoga Behind Bars envisions “a world where all communities are healthy and thriving, where all people feel safe, connected, and valued.” Through their programs, they open doors to self-understanding, resilience, and transformation. They advocate for restorative justice solutions, holistic re-entry services, and the removal of other barriers that prevent formerly incarcerated people from rebuilding their lives upon release.2

 Yoga Behind Bars will be also the recipient of the January 10 offering collection. 

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