November’s Social Justice Plate Collection to King County Equity Now

King County Equity Now logo

This Sunday, November 8, we will be sharing our offering plate with King County Equity Now (KCEN), a relatively new coalition built from long-term relationships that is already shaping a more-equitable future for Seattle. King County Equity Now is an ecosystem of over sixty Black-led, accountable community-based organizations, of Black elders, organizers, healers, youth, and families designing and implementing a new normal rooted in equity now.  KCEN’s work is grounded in a love for Black peoples and improving on-the-ground living conditions, together. 

As a coalition of organizations and individual supporters, KCEN is focused on Black Equity Solutions based in Black research and policy. Some of their current priorities include preventing more gentrification in the Central District by halting predatory development, directing resources towards Black land acquisition, and advocating for proposals from Black-led, community-based organizations to maximize underutilized land. This summer, the KCEN Coalition also unveiled the Black Brilliance Project, a Black-led, community-based research team set to investigate health, public safety and racial equity solutions, with the goal of providing direction and authority on how City funds should be applied toward meeting these needs in 2021 through participative budgeting. 

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This Sunday, it’s an honor to join in supporting this emerging Black-led Coalition that is leading Seattle toward a more equitable, accountable, and visionary future. Please be generous as you give. 

~ The Social Justice Steering Committee, Racial Justice Team, Immigrant Justice Team

To contribute to the Sunday morning offering, text UUCHURCH and the amount (e.g. “UUCHURCH $20”) to 73256. Or go to our online giving form.