November Election: Get Out the Vote

UU the VOTE (and the UUA logo)

Are you fired up to support UU values and high voter turnout in this election?  Join your fellow UUCers as we work together now to get-out-the-vote across the country in key states like:  North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, etc.!  If you are not yet on our action-mailing list, click here and let’s go!

Susan Howlett and David Bauman (and many others) have been going strong for weeks and months now. Here is their inspiring story!

~ Steve Carlson, volunteer leader of UUtheVote at UUC

We are worried about our democracy, and we knew we had to DO SOMETHING!  We couldn’t bear the thought of another four years like the last four. 

So we were relieved to hear about two groups where our efforts could make a difference.

David is working with UU the Vote, writing letters to encourage people in swing states to register and vote.  And Susan is supporting Common Power, which partners with nonprofits in states with close contests for the Senate or Governor. It makes us feel like we’re not powerless or hopeless when there’s so much at stake with this election.  We do a small stack of letters or postcards or phone calls each day and it helps calm us down.  Now we feel like we’re part of something bigger, which can actually move the dial.

Susan Howlett and David Bauman