Nourishing Community: UUC Recipes from the Pandemic

Submit Your Recipes

During these stay-at-home times, many people have discovered newfound solace in home cooking. The kitchen has been a creative space for some, trying new dishes and techniques to enliven the necessary task of feeding the body. As weeks stretched to months, planting gardens, gleaning neighborhood berries, and enjoying the bounty of fresh fruits and veggies provided family fun and satisfying meditations.

Conversations at UUC’s “virtual coffee hour” have often brought up favorite dishes and cooking adventures. Recently, a long-time member mused that the last UUC cookbook came out many years ago; she had always looked forward to new editions.

Now is the time! If you have a favorite recipe that helped you get through these months, write it up and email it to Use “UUC Recipes” as the subject line. Include an introduction telling us why you love this and how you came up with it. Include a photo if you like. If you want to make a video of your step-by-step instructions, go for it! We’ll turn the contributions into an online resource for all, including a print-friendly format. And when we’re finally able to reclaim our church building, we’ll be ready with plenty of potluck suggestions!