Next Sunday

October 11, 9:30 a.m. live stream

Rev. Beth Chronister will open the service and Rev. Jon M. Luopa will give the sermon: “Allowing the Spiritual to Grow Up Through the Common.” Music: Sean Osborn, clarinet and Dwight Beckmeyer, piano.

UUtheVote and Common Power

Our monthly second Sunday dedicated plate collection will go to our local democracy partner, Common Power, a key UUtheVote partner for us at UUC this year. Come hear about their values, their dedication, and their mojo in promoting a more just and inclusive democracy for all. Common Power has worked with a hearty band of your fellow UUCers as we have been promoting democracy all around the country: advocating with elected officials for better ballot access, writing letters to share how-to-vote information, and of course calling voters to encourage voting participation. There is still time to join us in getting-out-the-vote: click here to add yourself to the UUtheVote at UUC mailing list.

Steve C sitting at a desk with "VOTE" shaved into the left side of his head

On Sept 23 Steve Carlson sent out the following:
We are hosting the Thursday afternoon phone bank in North Carolina!  (details below)  Please join in!  Let’s amaze our fellow UUs back East with how we show up!
And if you need an additional incentive to participate (as if!), let’s see … if 20 or more of us show up for this event, what will I do …?  I know!  I will shave a big VOTE into the side of my head!  (yes, the left side).
I dare you to show up …

And they showed up, and he did!