Need a Helping Hand?

Two hands making a heart shape

We all need support sometimes. Right now is one of those times for everyone to some extent, particularly for people who are deemed higher risk of infection or who are juggling a number of different responsibilities right now due to the pandemic and quarantine. Please know that the community, staff, and UUC’s Care Team are here to support you during this challenging time. UUC members are contacting the staff and asking, “How can I help?”

If you are needing some support in picking up groceries or other errands in order to keep yourself healthy, or if your life circumstances make going to grocery store not possible right now, please email the Care Team at so they can help connect you to support. 

This is also a challenging time emotionally. If you are needing someone to listen or check in with, please email the Care Team or Rev. Beth Chronister to find a time to connect.  

Together, we will make our way.