Message From Our New Board President

Rosemary Daszkiewicz

Rosemary Daszkiewicz

I hope you are enjoying the magic of early summer in Seattle. I am writing this on a glorious afternoon with a predicted 80 degree day later this week! I’m humbled to be writing this in my capacity as your new Board President. Kathleen Cromp, Dave Mentz and Mike Kaspryzak have agreed to continue as our Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Gayle Childers and Anne Eacker will continue their service as Trustees, and we are delighted to welcome new Trustee Tim Voss.

One big piece of work the Board completed this past year was to revise our Board Governance Policies. These memorialize the “division of labor” between Board and our terrific staff led by Jon and the Executive Team. When you review them you will see that they are less prescriptive than our past policies. This year we will “test drive” our new policies and we anticipate minor adjustments along the way as we figure out what we got right and what needs improvement.

The new policies ask the Board to identify a few Top Priorities for the Church for the coming year. Any Board member would enjoy hearing from you about what you think represents our most important work.

Starting in September we plan to convene a small group to help us revise our Bylaws. Our current Bylaws are anchored in a different time and need to reflect modern realities like, for example, pandemics that make face to face annual meetings impossible. If you have a passion for this type of work please let me know. We’d love to have you join this effort.

This summer I anticipate that many of us will be engaging in our own personal work to become closer to the anti-racist people we aspire to be. It’s an important piece of my own spiritual work. Right now I’m working through the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, and finally beginning my James Baldwin journey with his novel Another Country. Individually, and as a congregation, I hope we find ways to allow this work to transform us.

As I sit through another interminable Zoom or Webex meeting I will be thinking wistfully about those of you whose summer lives have a little more freedom. Hopefully we will connect with one another from time to time virtually in coffee hours over the summer. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Rosemary Daszkiewicz