Message from Jon: Building Closed

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  1. Lisa Maurer says:

    As always, for starters, you rock! I look forward to when we can meet again in our newly renovated building. I am grateful for both the physical and virtual church; for the virtual church service, since I use a screen reader, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work and be easily read and accessible; as a whole, live streaming usually works best, although even some of them are screen-reader-friendlier than others. Since I listen to listener-supported and internet radio, 24/7, as well as to my cds, I’ve explored a number of sites that feature streaming media. The “Zoom…” feature/app is a new on me, so I won’t know until I try it out, but, anyway, hope you’re doing o.k., now, and look forward to hearing how it works. If only the tactile atmosphere of the building, such as the glass walls/windows, and such could also, somehow make its way through the screen…(I do have some polished rocks, figurines, and such, some of which Mom has made, and some things that I made, which I keep by my desktop computer, along with some vases of artificial flowers that appear real, and even some artificial fruit, which all provide some of the theme, indirectly, in fact, I decorated in this way for both the UUC and the Unitarian church in my series in progress, “The Return From Zoomwood,” which is the sequel to my series, “The Site Builder,” which is my longest piece of creative/recreational writing; it’s also one of my spiritual activities, it’s really a multi classic blend of many things that have shaped me.) Anyway, some kind of audio service streaming would be wonderful; I hope it works! Later, Lisa Maurer