Message from Jon – May 2020

Rev. Jon M. Luopa

Dear Members and Friends,

It is now the end of May and in my last communication with you I said that our building would be closed through this month. Just a little over two weeks ago we received a communication from the President of the UUA, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, advising us to seriously consider remaining in quarantine mode for another year. Yikes!

While we are seeing regional variations as to how much things should reopen and when, her advice comes as a pastoral message and one reminding us to care first for the most vulnerable in our midst even if that means some personal inconvenience and disappointment for many of us.

The staff has seriously wrestled with the question about reopening the building, and in all ways we have decided that it will be a while before we resume programming in the building. What we decided, and the Board blessed, is to move forward assuming that we will not occupy the building before the end of December. Yikes again! We will continue to monitor the Governor’s advice, as well as that of our public health officials, and change this decision if the circumstances merit doing so.

We will continue to offer our programs virtually (yes, all summer services have been planned) and spend the summer reviewing these past three months to improve and enhance our programs. If you have any constructive, creative feedback, we would love to hear it. We will also need to get some additional supplies and improve some building systems (like installing HEPA filters in the air circulation system) before we move back into the building.

Admittedly, navigating this pandemic crisis has been stressful. But I trust we are learning things about ourselves and our society that we would not have had life continued unchanged. And we are now given opportunity to help others in more critical ways and recalibrate our society to those values that really matter. May we rise to meeting those great expectations.


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Rev. Jon M. Luopa

2 Responses

  1. Fran and Phil says:

    miss you all but I am continuing on making masks. If you see a need for washable fitted masks please let me know… I am trying to earn a little money to help us pay our expenses (I am self employed and I’m not a good no money manager 😉 but I can still afford to help those who are in need.

  2. Fran and Phil says:

    and I would like to celebrate New Years in our beautiful church if practical