Message from Jon – July 2020

Rev. Jon M. Luopa

Dear Members and Friends:

Much to our disappointment, the Governor has hit the pause button on his reopening plan. It seems as if we have been doing a dance between the pleasure principle and the reality principle for some months now. And it looks like that will be the tune for the foreseeable future.

Instinctively we all want to get outside in the summer, especially after having been quarantined for four months. We look forward to getting a break in July and August. That is possible for many of us as long as we take the necessary safety precautions and respect others. I am hoping that most of our staff members will get such a break. They have been helping to keep our whole church community together over three years of major transitions now.

So, in light of the increase of viral infections and the fact that we will be short-staffed this summer (due to vacations) I am going to ask that you support me in keeping the building closed this summer. The staff is currently working on re-entry guidelines, which will be blessed by the board, and these should be ready before we begin using the building this fall (as public health measures dictate).

While the building will be closed, gatherings like the Black Lives Matter vigils, and other small gatherings, can take place outside the building. Please schedule these events with Jessica Monahan. Know that any supplies you need must be brought from and returned to your home. The building will not be accessible for bathrooms, please plan accordingly.

I long for the day when we will be able to be back together again in our beautiful new campus. I am so grateful for the many persons who have helped keep us together as a virtual community these last many months. What would it have been like without this technology?

Annie and I hope to get out to Lake Chelan this month for our annual retreat there. But the big news for us is anticipating the birth of our first grandchild this September. What a world he will enter! But it motivates us even more to commit ourselves to building the Beloved Community. It continues to be an honor for us to do that work with you.

Stay safe, rest, and don’t give up hope!

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Rev. Jon Luopa