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Rev. Jon M. Luopa

Dear Members and Friends:

Even though we decided to close our new building for the month of March, church activities continued in lively form over these weeks through the virtual channels of Zoom, Facebook and our blog. Staff have been very busy assisting all our UUC groups with this technology and while the virtual contact is not as satisfying as face-to-face contact, many of you have expressed your gratitude for the multiple efforts to maintain community together.

The urgency to halt the spread of the virus has prompted Governor Inslee to impose a ban on gathering together in groups and he has encouraged us to stay home for the next several weeks. His wise decision has led us to keep our building closed through the month of April.

While the building is closed, the church is still open as we continue to meet online and create new ways to provide worship services and religious education programming under this new development. Some of these programs may look a little different than they have over the last two weeks as we must now produce them outside of the building. Our website and weekly e-news will provide you with up to date information about programs and how to access them.

A few months ago, we could not have imagined what our lives would be like today. And while we cannot predict with accuracy what the future will look like, the numerous and delightful acts of kindness, creativity, resourcefulness and courage we have witnessed and exhibited in these challenging days will sustain us into a happier future.

Ours is a Beloved Community of memory and hope. You help to make it so. Thank you!


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Rev. Jon M. Luopa

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  1. Kate Bysheim says:

    Even though I may not be a member of the regular staff anymore, I am SO happy to receive the Gateway every week and keep up with current events during this time. I love and miss you all!