Memories From the Jar

Many slips of paper with words handwritten on them

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In 2018, before remodeling began, UUC members and friends were invited to add their memories of the building to a large jar. These memories were kept safe during construction and were intended to be released into the building upon our return. However, we are all away now and it seems like a good idea to share these memories and invite you to add more, so that we can keep out beloved church building and all it represents alive in our hearts until we can worship together again.

  • My Beloved Community – While we are gone, let us remember all that has come with us – the good and hard times. Life is like that. May we remain true to our values and each other. Stay connected. And when we return – Ah! When we return. We are more living into and able to live into being the radical Beloved Community we seek.  Gayle Childers
  • UUC welcomed me with open heart and spirit when I arrived in Seattle in 1991, a long-time Unitarian and UU.  Judith Hance
  • Laughing uncontrollably during a high school bridging ceremony w/Johnathan + Tracy Tweet (because once you start, you can’t stop)
  • Singing in IGC has been a great joy in my past here. I look forward to doing it again in the future!
  • A harmonious and organized coffee crew with Judith, June, Jessica & Delphine!
  • Sweet music
  • During every Child Dedication I remember Jon Luopa dedicating my now-16-year-old. She was 8 months old and determined to eat the rose! And every Christmas I remember her in the pageant, as a Star Child in the Lucia procession & then as Lucia.
  • Liberal Religious Youth was important to us in the late 60s & early 70s. We had a common bond.
  • What a wonderful, welcoming space. Much joy here.
  • Involvement in the 1st Women’s Retreat with Alicia.
  • As a sometimes guest, I have found a wonderful, loving, inclusive spirit here at UUC. Thank you.
  • From my children’s dedication by Peter Raible, coaching by Craig Harper on observing children’s behavior, Bill Houff’s introduction to meditation, and to Marvin Evan’s stories from the pulpit and 1:1, my intellectual growth and spiritual foundations have been nurtured at UUC. The present with Jon and Beth keeps me coming back! UUC – a place of welcoming, and an ongoing vision, challenge and process.  ADR
  • Memorials – Margaret, Don, Tracy, Dee Dee, & so many more
  • I remember playing games & learning about the different people in my Sunday school group.
  • Many years ago…CUUPs was about to do a Samhain ritual (All Saint’s Day) when the gas main broke. We evacuated to the parking lot, leaving behind all our prepared pomp and plans. What emerged in the cold was a profound and direct memorial for our dead, honoring the love and grief in a beautiful, bare, and direct way.
  • My beloved husband Bruce Farwell and I were married in the UUC sanctuary on June 8, 1996. Jane Saddler Farwell
  • Cookie toss in the choir loft with George Shangrow. Always when a choir member brought Girl Scout cookies – George used the occasion for fun, of course, but also as a break in choir rehearsal. Great fun and successful on both counts. For me it brought laughter back into my life.
  • I treasure the memories of services which marked my daughter’s growth in UUC – child dedication, coming-of-age, and Santa Lucia, talent show, flute performances… our family’s spiritual home for all these years!
  • I remember coming to UUC in the ‘70s when the church sponsored USAG (Unitarian Single Adults Group). It was an important part of my life coping with the effects of divorce.
  • The mighty Team UUC! (Women’s triathlon group)
  • I grew up in this church. My family went to the First Unitarian Church in the University District. Mom taught Sunday school to preschool. Dad was on the board. As an architect, he gave good advice in the design process of this building. This church is my home and my family. Being a teen in the late 60’s let me know that I am not alone, that I am not different, that there are good people in the world. LRY was very important to me and my friends. In the late 60’s we found common ground here. My husband and I re-joined the church after the 2016 election. He grew up on a kibbutz in Northern Israel. He hesitated to become a member here, but we found like minded souls here. We hope and pray for the future. The new church will be good.
  • Dedication of our children… and sending them off to college.
  • One of our closest friendships in Seattle started at coffee hour when Haeryung and Andrew boldly came up to us to say hello. We have enjoyed bringing our children to UUC and seeing them at service. Heidi Stolte
  • Nathan Johnson Hall – Clerestory windows: too bright the sun showering onto the faces of earnest UUCers at yet another meeting. Why are we at church again? On a sunny afternoon no less. Because we are blessed to be together… and the sun will shine again.
  • Movement Choir with Marli and Krista
  • Strong women – Camilla Knatvold, Elaine Smith, Gertrude Fraser, Dee Dee Raible/Rainbow, Carole Blakey, the Team UU Triathaloners!!
  • The comfort of Music Sunday with our family on one of our saddest days.
  • A church school OVERFLOWING with kids!
  • Having Brave Group in the sanctuary – writing songs, singing, dancing, laughing over extremely strange jokes that make no sense at all.
  • Secret Valentine Tea!
  • I love how all the classrooms are welcoming and have space and supplies. I also love the great community and people at UUC.
  • I remember singing in the Loft (with difficulty) the night before my first child was born.
  • In memory of the Little School, which started here and has gone on to enrich the lives of so many children, families, and teachers. Thank you UUC & Eleanor Siegl.
  • 1st Men’s Retreat 2013 – Camp Brotherhood
  • Our kids sharing their words & talents with a loving audience.
  • I first joined UUC in 1948, met my husband here, and we were married here by the minister, Roscoe Trueblood, in 1951. Then for 65 years I was a UU minister’s wife, and now I am back.  Dorothy Hopper (Mrs. Leon Hopper)
  • Valentine Teas!
  • Music
  • In 2003 I came to this church for some support about the war. The high schoolers were doing a service about peace. I cried through the whole service. I knew I was home.
  • I remember going to the party and signing my name in the book.  Asha (9)
  • I first attended UUC in late 1971 with my bride-to-be, Deejah. I had been raised Catholic, but in the years after Vatican Council II Is ad no longer heard Latin in church. On my first visit to UUC the loft choir was singing a hymn in Latin! Ron Sherman-Peterson
  • Spiritual growth and joy with Matthew Cockrum.
  • Memories of people who are gone but not forgotten: Ron Petrie and Rhonda Peterson, Jon Jarvis and Rob Mueller, Louise Larson, Don Cavanaugh, UU Minister Arthur Wilmot (Port Angeles), Grace Byrne, Shelly Jackson-Dersham, Dexter Day, Don and Donna Matson, Marli Martin, Don Hawkins, Charlotte Clark, Tania Bloom, etc. and, of course, Peter Raible.
  • As long as I have been at UUC, since 1991, I have looked at and love the flaming chalice on the wall. I just learned that it will not be there when we return. That is a loss for me.

Note: This chalice, carved by Dutch Schultz, is now reinstalled in its new location, just inside UUC’s front entrance. (Spring 2020)

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  1. Sharon Victor says:

    Thank you for this posting. It is a wonderful way to share experiences from the distant past and recent past.

  2. Julie F. says:

    Deep listening at Wellspring and in covenant groups.