Letter From Our Board of Trustees – April 2020

Gayle Childers
Gayle Childers, UUC Board President

Dear Friends,

These last few weeks, have been so difficult. With each new day, we learn more about the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic to our world, our country and our communities; and we are challenged to dig deeper into our reservoirs. Like you, I am grief-stricken. This global crisis implies that the impact will be a shared experience. While this might seem true on a macro level, we are all experiencing this crisis in different ways.

Within our Beloved UUC Community, we may be nervous about our future. We may be anxious about the loss of employment and being able to meet our needs. We may be concerned about those within and outside of this community, who are particularly at risk during these times. And for many, such as our first responders and healthcare providers, we are worried that the intensity of their jobs leaves little energy for them to take care of their families, let alone themselves. Paradoxically, we have been practicing our physical distancing and stay-at-home directive for what seems like months, during a time when we need our social closeness so deeply. It feels overwhelming. 

And yet, in the midst of this, we come together as this Beloved Community with gratitude. We come together because we can and because we must.

On behalf of your Board of Trustees, I want to thank this community for continuing to find ways to connect with each other and holding together as we navigate these challenging times. Seeing so many attending virtual worship every week or joining through the many virtual offerings throughout the week, is reassuring that we hold ourselves accountable to the mission and vision of this church. Now more than ever, being a community that supports each other, is vital. We all become connecting stewards when we reach out to one another to keep the relationships strong. 

Special thanks to our staff leaders – Jon, Beth, Janine and Byron and their teams, who have been amazing through what must seem to be the most turbulent 3 years in recent memory.  After the congregation met our capital campaign goals, the staff designed and executed our many church services away during our 18-month church remodel, to finally returning home, only to find the need to pivot yet again, to design virtual church services. You were quick to adapt and enabled us to stay together. We know you are exhausted and want to you to know that we hold you in our hearts.

While we are all dealing with uncertainty, please know that we continue to work to sustain and build our Beloved UUC Community, even now. We meet with the Executive Team to consider how to move forward, how to support each other and how to build our future together. We want to hear from you. We need to hear from you, so please stay in conversation with us. Our next virtual “Conversations with the Board” is April 9 from 7-8:30 p.m. – check UUC Connect for the link. You can also reach us by email.


Gayle Childers, Kathleen Cromp, Rochelle Coffey, Rosemary Daszkiewicz, Mike Kasprzak, Dave Mentz and Anne Eacker