Letter From Our Board of Trustees – May 2020

Dear Beloved Congregation,

In this time of COVID-19 we have had the urge to reach out to you more frequently than has been our practice in the past, and we are honoring that impulse despite not knowing exactly what to say in the surreal spring of 2020. Like you, we have so much gratitude for the creativity and hard work of our ministers and staff at UUC. We have been amazed at our Sunday services and the various virtual opportunities that have been created for us. We have been led to try new things and to venture forth. We also have so much gratitude for each of you, our beloved members and friends. We appreciate your reaching out to us and to each other to check in, and we see the big and small ways you continue to show up, on Sundays, for the groups you are members of, and for each other. We hear about the financial commitments you have made to UUC despite this time of uncertainty in your own lives. We take heart in knowing our community is still together in spirit despite our being physically apart.

We started this in March, and it was a time of scurrying — to get groceries, and toilet paper, to check in with family and friends far and wide, to take stock. It is now May and the time of worrying continues with perhaps a bit less scurrying. We are worried for lives and livelihoods, especially for those who are oppressed and are at higher risk from both the economic and physical harms of the pandemic. We are worried for our democracy and the upcoming election. We are worried for the elderly, the vulnerable, and for ourselves. As a board we also worry about the long-term health and vitality of our congregation.

And yet. We know in our hearts that our congregation will come through this. We will keep making soup, writing notes to each other and to our leaders, taking daily walks, and appreciating things we have never before seen just outside our doors. We may face hard decisions as a community, and we know we will emerge changed by what we have witnessed and endured. Let us continue the spiritual practice of showing up for each other, of being present, of listening to the stories we have to tell.

With immense gratitude,

UUC Board of Trustees – Gayle Childers, Rochelle Coffey, Kathleen Cromp, Rosemary Daszkiewicz, Anne Eacker, Mike Kasprzak and Dave Mentz