Audio: Keep the Chalice Lit – Rev. Beth Chronister, March 29, 2020

Sermon (audio) delivered at University Unitarian Church by Rev. Beth Chronister (20200329)

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  1. Judith Hance says:

    I am filled with gratitude for being able to be connected in this way when we cannot be together, to give and receive smiles and warm hugs. I loved seeing Beth in her home and hearing her words of comfort, support, and compassion. My thanks go to everyone making our gathering possible. A question came to me this morning as I lay in bed not quite ready to get up. Who am I, to have lived in good health for most of a longer life than I could have imagined in my youth, to be able to live in a comfortable home with all I need, among people I love and am loved by? There have been challenges and times of grief along the way, but yes, here I am, aware of the joys of the past and even of this perilous present, like yesterday’s Face Time with my two daughters on our iPhones! Love to all.