Interweave – Pride Month Program: Tales of Resilience and Invention

Friday, June 5, 6:30-8:30 p.m. via Zoom

Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project - home page snip

Celebrate Pride Month (virtually) with readings from oral histories collected by the Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project. Themes for this evening’s program include bar-hopping during the days of police payoffs, community formation, activist politics, and some surprising coalescences of encounters and perspectives that went into the formation of Seattle’s early LGBT organizations.

The History Project was formed in 1994 to research, interpret, and communicate the experiences of LGBT people in our region. For over two decades the group has collected narratives, photos, and ephemera and has shaped them into publications, exhibits, and public presentations.

Dust off your acting chops! If you would like to be a reader for this event, contact Ruth Pettis.