From the UUtheVote Group at UUC

This work is good work: to combat voter suppression, racist and otherwise, and restore and promote democracy in our communities and in this country.  To help all voices to be heard and move our world toward greater justice!


We are making a difference!  Here are a couple recent accomplishments:

  1. Improving voter access:  our UUC group, in collaboration with others, has been directly advocating with 27 states to improve voter access now (e.g., access to absentee ballots, extended early voting hours, etc.).  Drip, drip, drip … our advocacy is working!  In the last couple of weeks, five more states have made significant improvements, so now 11 states have made significant improvements this year, with 16 remaining. 
  2. Texas outreach (GA100kChallenge):  during our UU General Assembly, we joined in with our fellow UUs across the country to make phone calls to voters to encourage them to take advantage of early voting days or absentee voting in their July primary.  The goal:  make 100,000 calls to voters who have in some way had their vote suppressed or have otherwise been neglected.  We did it!  114,000 calls were made to these voters!


Our UUtheVote at UUC group continues to grow, and we now have a Facebook group where we can share information and our experiences, and encourage each other. Join the conversation, either on Facebook and/or by clicking here to get on the UUC UUtheVote email list.

As a reminder, our group’s work is non-partisan, and UU-values-driven, aligned with the UUtheVote effort across the country.  We continue to source many action opportunities through our local partner Common Power and their broader network.