Day of Remembrance, Day of Action

Sunday, February 23, 12:30-2:30 p.m. at the Northwest Detention Center


This day of solidarity at the Northwest Detention Center commemorates the 78th anniversary of the Executive Order that incarcerated 126,000 citizens and immigrants of Japanese descent during WWII. Today, thousands are detained in similar camps. The NWDC is one of the largest immigration prisons in the U.S.

Join others from UUC’s Immigrant Justice Team as we support

La Resistencia’s campaign to shut down the NWDC. A group will carpool from UUC, leaving after the 1st service. This event is organized by the Japanese American group Tsuru for Solidarity in partnership with La Resistencia, Densho and Seattle JACL.

To find out more, or confirm a spot in a UUC carpool, contact Kay Hubbard. Learn more about the ShutDown Campaign.