Covenanting in Virus Times

Computer screen showing Zoom meeting with five participants

Our Covenant Group of six started in January at a home on Capitol Hill.  Sitting next to the fireplace we studied Listening Hearts by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins, chapter by chapter. We contemplated outward and inward pilgrimages, wondered what soul means, and whether we know places of sanctuary. We honed our listening skills, got to know each other’s trials and triumphs, meditated, took tea breaks, and sang Spirit of Life by the piano.

Enter the virus.

Thanks to Joan’s technical savvy, we’ve been able to continue our Wednesday afternoon meetings via Zoom, missing Sara whose computer balked. For the past five sessions we’ve considered our personal and ethical growth, how to welcome strangers, mental wellness, and the nature of miracles. We’ve appreciated the book’s thoughtful essays that always trigger precious personal stories. 

During this Zoom time, we’ve supported Seeley whose husband died, we’ve sung a syncopated Happy Birthday to Jane, and listened to the finches on Meryl’s balcony.

Mindful that our covenanting should also include service, Valerie contacted the Seattle World School, the public middle and high school for immigrants. In response to the school’s request we’ve donated Safeway gift cards for the students and their families, right now a most vulnerable population in our midst. We are also ready to serve our church community, perhaps sanitizing the sanctuary, or better yet, baking goodies for the first non-virtual coffee hour.