Conversation with the Board

Sunday, September 27, 10:30-11:30 a.m. via Zoom

Greetings on behalf of your UUC Board of Trustees. While the pace of work slowed over the summer it certainly didn’t stop as we begin to live into our new governance policies.

To keep the Board focused on strategic and generative topics, the policies require us to produce an annual short list of “Open Questions.” To quote from the policies: “Open Questions derive from discernment about the Church’s mission in relation to our current environment. They form the foundation for the work of the Board, in concert with the staff and congregation, in shaping how UUC will fully live into the mission.” As we began the process of discernment over the summer, the Board quickly realized that this year’s Open Questions should focus around Stewardship and Anti-Racism. We currently are honing in on the one or two questions in each category that we feel will best capture the work ahead. We hope to finish the work by our October meeting.

Of course we will share these Open Questions with you once they are set. And your feedback and thoughts about this first effort will guide us in future iterations of this work. They will also help us collectively determine, as the new policies require, the “annual short list of Top Priority Areas where the Church will advance its work in the coming year, aligned with budgeting and staff planning. The Top Priority Areas represent a condensed summary of the church’s goal and objectives for the coming year.”

In the meantime we plan to hold the first of our “Conversations with the Board” during the coffee hour on Sunday, September 27. We look forward to connecting with those of you that are able to join us. No particular agenda this time. We’d just like to hear your thoughts and questions as we embark in a new, and pretty unusual, church year.

One final thing – we need to revise our ByLaws this year, both because they are very outdated and because it’s the next phase of our governance work. A small group has volunteered to participate, including me. Given the work entailed in being Board Chair, my preference would be that someone other than me could serve as the leader of this work. Is that a skill set you have, and would you be willing to volunteer in this way? If so please reach out at

Rosemary Daszkiewicz, UUC Board of Trustees Chair