Construction Confidential: Answering Your Questions About the New Building

It’s nearly spring, and it’s been three months since we’ve been in the newly remodeled church building. In that time, we’ve continued to make progress on a handful of open issues with the building, some of which have been mentioned on Sunday mornings. Others have been noticed by members and visitors and entered in our “Complaints/Suggestions” book.

Understandably, one of the suggestions in the book was to have a way of communicating responses to these items back to the congregation. What a terrific suggestion! With this issue of the Gateway, we’ll kick off “Construction Confidential,” to offer responses to some of the thorny items we’re noticing.

Today’s Issue: Tiny parking lot spaces!

This issue has been brought up five times in the suggestions book. The first and example entry is this: “The parking spaces on the east side of the lot are tiny, difficult to get into and you’d better be way skinny people in order get out of your car doors. May need to widen these a little.”

The compact spaces are small, that’s for certain. Fortunately, with the wider driving aisles, there is more maneuverability for getting cars in and out of the spaces. But getting bodies in and out of the cars is not effortless. Why are the brand new parking stalls like this?

Several areas of city code control the size of our parking stalls:

  1. The city determined the number of stalls we could create. Based on our building capacity and site history, the city required us to provide 72 parking stalls – no more, and more significantly, no fewer.
  2. The city specifies by code and project review the width of compact parking stalls and large parking stalls in all construction projects in the city, including ours. We don’t get to choose the width.
  3. The city requires a specific ratio limiting the number of large parking stalls per number of compact parking stalls that can be created in any new construction project. Note that accessible spaces count towards the total number of large parking stalls in any calculation of this ratio.

The following drawing from the civil engineers who worked on our project illustrate the size of the stalls and the counts that satisfied city review of our Master Use Permit.

Parking lot diagram 2019

Later this spring, when the weather is more fair and there is time for such projects, we will get a team together to stencil the letter “C” on all of our compact parking stalls so they can be easily identified. If you have a compact car and are willing and able, please use these spots and allow others who need more space to enter and exit their vehicles use of the larger spaces on the western retaining wall and the east fence.

Special Note: We realize it adds insult to injury to have the Meadowbrook van and trailer and the construction dumpster STILL on site and taking up limited parking. We will be selling the van and trailer and removing the dumpster as soon as feasible.

Finally, while we may be frustrated by the parking limitations imposed on our property by the city, please be sensitive to the frustrations of our neighbors who are finding all forms of parking more and more difficult in their neighborhood as housing density and traffic revisions continue to take their toll. When you must find parking in the neighborhood, please be respectful of driveway clearances and distances between bumpers. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support.

More questions and suggestions? Please find the books at the Connections station on Sundays. We’ll try to get back each week with answers to some of the most common issues.