Black Lives Matter Vigil


Sunday, October 18, 4 p.m. at UUC (outside)

Please join the Racial Justice Team physically or in spirit for a Black Lives Matter Vigil this coming Sunday at UUC. We will have some signs but, please bring you own as well. We will take extra care to stay physically distanced during the vigil and will create space for people to participate from their cars as well. Please wear a mask. And, use the bathroom before you come. All ages are invited.

If you are unable to join us for safety or scheduling reasons and would like to share a song or a prayer to be part of the vigil, or, if you have questions, please contact Jewels Mellen.

“Today, and always, we must Never Forget the lives lost to the terror of racism, excessive force, and countless other injustices. To move forward, we must Never Forget the Black lives taken unjustly. We must demand policy changes, equality, and justice for all. In order to bring about lasting change, we must speak up, vote, and fight the cancer of inequality, racism, and white supremacy.”  #Say Their Names

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