About Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness, Part 2

Rough cupped hands gently holding a cardboard cutout of a house

Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness (LCP) will be the recipient of our offerings at our holiday services on December 20 and 24. In last week’s article, you read about the array of programs offered by LCP. This week, we are excited to tell you about a new program to open in January, 2021: a 24/7 “enhanced” shelter to replace the Winter Shelter which has rotated through churches during the winter months only.

The new shelter will be located in a former nursing home facility, The Oaks, Aurora Ave N at N 165th Street in Shoreline. “Enhanced” means that the shelter will operate year-round, 24 hours a day. Guests will have their own rooms in which to live and store their belongings. Many will also have private bathrooms. Indoor and outdoor community spaces will be available for meals and activities, once Covid restrictions have lifted. The shelter also has plenty of office space for staff and representatives of other human service agencies to allow guests easy access to needed services. The shelter will open with 20 guests, gradually increasing to serve up to 60+ people.

Research has shown that when people experiencing homelessness settle into safe, stable living situations, they are most likely to be able to deal successfully with the larger underlying issues that contribute to their homelessness. Eventually, they are more likely to move into permanent housing successfully.

The gifts that you share at the December services will be earmarked for the new Recuperative Care Program at The Oaks. Many guests have chronic health conditions, so a nurse will be on staff to do wellness checks to ensure that health needs are being met. Commonly needed medical supplies, such as abscess kits, will be available. In addition, the nurse will work with patients being released from the hospital to the shelter to assure that they are receiving appropriate care, manage medications, help arrange follow-up appointments, etc. to help assure that patients make a full recovery.

Thank you for your interest and support for the new enhanced LCP shelter at The Oaks and its Recuperative Care Program. Your generosity is much appreciated! For more information, visit lakecitypartners.org or attend the LCP discussion during the virtual social hour after the Sunday service on December 20.

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