Youth Climate Lawsuit

Sunday, June 16, 11:15 a.m. in Meadowbrook Room 11

Levi Draheim, Leonard Higgins and Aly Tharp

Come hear stories about the Youth Climate Lawsuit, actions of civil disobedience, and more from:

Levi Draheim, the youngest plaintiff in the lawsuit, age 11
“I work hard to protect the environment and animals near my home. I want my government to work hard to protect my future and the future of the animals and ecosystems in our country. You have to find the way of nature,” is one of Levi’s messages for the world from his beloved home of a barrier island in Florida, just 13ft above sea level.”

Leonard Higgins, “valve turner”
“The facts of climate science, the tragic impacts already underway due to climate change and the failure of government to respond with a timely and adequate response drove me to cross the line from being a state employee working for the people and the government to consider nonviolent civil disobedience… There’s too much that’s precious in this life to give up without a fight.”

Aly Tharp, program director of the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth. She wonders if the climate crisis would exist if we were not so willing to poison and be poisoned; to exploit and be exploited. “Can we lean into our discomfort long enough to help each other through the grief, shame, and heartbreak of seeing and understanding what is really going on here? Isn’t that an important role of a faith community?”