Wednesday Forum – January 23

Wednesday, January 23, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Magnuson Brig Garden Room

This will be the first session of the 2019 Great Decisions program, entitled “Refugees and Global Migration” by Karen Jacobsen. The session starts with a showing of the DVD from the Foreign Policy Association, and is followed by group discussion.

All are welcome. Bring along your lunch or snack, and enjoy the presentation.

For those of you who ordered and have not yet picked up your season booklet, they will be available.

The Brig is located at 6344 NE 74th St (Bldg 460) in Magnuson Park. It is just off Sand Point Way, the third turn to the left after you enter by the guard house–there is a sign that points in its direction. There is a large free parking lot at the north side of the building and you can enter from the parking. Signs are posted on the Garden Room.

The Forum is hosted jointly by UUC and Seattle Parks and Recreation.