UUC Takes a Position to Restore Fairness and Equal Opportunity in Washington State

WA Fairness - Approve I-1000 R-88

Approve Initiative 1000, Referendum 88

The Racial Justice Team at UUC has been involved a state wide effort to restore affirmative action in Washington State through Initiative 1000. Last year, members of the Racial Justice team participated in collecting signatures as part of a larger petition effort. As we enter into ballot season, the Racial Justice team has discerned together to endorse I-1000 via Referendum 88 to restore fairness and opportunity to Washington’s public employment, contracting, and educational enrollment. The Racial Justice team and Rev. Beth Chronister encourage you to learn more about I-1000 and to vote in support of this measure that has already been widely embraced by voters and approved by the legislature.

More information about the I-1000 and history leading to this vote: 

The 1998 passage of Tim Eyman’s Initiative 200 made Washington one of only two states in the nation to explicitly ban outreach to communities that have been historically excluded from equal access to public education, contracting, and employment.

Last year, nearly 400,000 voters petitioned lawmakers to support Initiative 1000, restoring fairness and opportunity to Washington’s public employment, contracting, and education enrollment policies. Our State Legislature listened, and passed I-1000, but special interests are paying to overturn this law.

The approval of I-1000 via Referendum 88 would allow Washington to rejoin the 42 other states in the country that hold themselves accountable to creating more equitable outcomes for everyone. Now it is up to us to vote for fairness and equal opportunity by approving I-1000.

More information at Washington Fairness: https://wafairness.org/

Questions? Racial Justice Team Member, John Webber, has supported the campaign and can share more. john.p.webber@comcast.net.