Returning Home

Three men and a machine installing a window in the sanctuary

New, Soaring Windows Installed in Chapel
This week, new glass windows along the chapel’s west wall were installed. The new windows, each weighing 500 pounds, were transported one by one from the parking lot staging area to the chapel. Each window was moved inside the chapel, rotated upright and then set in place–all with special devices designed for these tasks. We are now up to code, with tempered glass for safety. The glass is single pane. In our research on double pane, we learned the cost was exorbitant and manufacturing limits would require two tall vertical windows in each opening, a departure from the original Kirk design of a single span of glass in each opening. To satisfy energy requirements not met by the single-pane glass, the chapel now has new insulation in adjacent walls and ceiling. 

Now You See Them … Now You See Them Again!
Do you remember the wood-and-glass screens just outside Nathan Johnson Hall? One was near the front door, the other in “newcomers corner.” They are incorporated in the new building as screens for the upstairs restroom and in the downstairs hallway. (Also read our previous article about mahogany from the loft getting new life as new chancel tables!)

Recent Progress

  • Trailers removed in preparation for grading the parking lot
  • Concrete work other than curbing is complete
  • Elevator is on site and almost complete

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~ Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT)