Returning Home

New Convening Spaces

Shelves in Dix living room as of August 2019
Shelves in the Dix living room, August 2019

The multi-function Dix living room will house a smaller, curated Raible Library. With book-lined walls, sofa, armchairs and an attached restroom, it will be perfect for families to gather before a memorial service or wedding. The room’s live audio feed from the chapel upstairs means it can act as a “cry room” or a more solitary space while still hearing a service. Lastly, it will also serve as an adult, small-group meeting space.

The new Emerson small chapel fills the need for a small, worshipful space. It may be used for small memorial services, meditation groups or contemplation before Sunday services. It will be lightly furnished with chairs and a chalice table.

conference room, located in the a Administrative Suite, will be used for staff meetings, Board of Trustees meetings and BOT committees.

Special small spaces are scattered throughout the building where 2-3 people can gather for quiet conversation, break-out discussions from larger groups or informal consultation.

The new Knatvold multipurpose room is also designated for adult meetings, now not only for weekdays and evenings, but also for Sunday mornings!

Recent Progress

  • At north entry, concrete ramp and stairs are nearly complete
  • The concrete at the south entry plaza is almost all poured
  • Landscape grading, irrigation and the addition of new soil have begun
  • Marmoleum flooring is laid in the upstairs RE suite

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~ Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT)