Returning Home

View of renovated building from S, showing ADA parking spaces and lower entrance

Preparing to Park/Drop Off at UUC

As we approach our return to UUC on November 17, here are some tips about parking.

Our Redesigned Parking Lot

  • One main entrance/exit driveway
  • A smaller, entrance-only driveway, farther south
  • 72 parking spaces: 46 compact, 20 full-sized and 6 no-curb ADA parking spaces near building
  • Enlarged circulation lanes and turn-around space

City Redesign of 35th Ave NE

  • No parking on west side of street (across from the church)
  • As before, only drop-offs/pick-ups in front of UUC’s north entrance on Sunday mornings
  • New 25 MPH speed limit

Please be courteous if parking in front of neighbors’ homes–especially the neighbors directly behind UUC on 36th Ave NE. They have endured a lot of dust and noise throughout our project and deserve an extra measure of courtesy from us.

Books for Compliments & Complaints

Moving back will be the culmination of our long journey to a bright, welcoming, updated church. “Returning home” can elicit many emotions–joy, surprise, delight, curiosity, distress, confusion, sadness. Adjusting to change takes time, and it’s easy to be critical. So how shall we manage this?

Rev. Christine Robinson, Minister Emerita, of First Unitarian Church in Albuquerque, identified “moving back in” as the hardest part, hands down, of their remodel experience. She shared an approach to this process, which we are adopting:

  1. We ask that there be no verbal complaining for the first three months of our experience in our renovated building.
  2. Two books and pens will be available in Nathan Johnson Hall: a Compliments book and a Complaints book. We invite anyone who wishes to share a compliment or a complaint about the renovated building to write it down in the appropriate book.
  3. The Complaints books will not be reviewed until three months after we move back in.
  4. Staff and leadership will decide what steps, if any, need to be taken at that time.

~Physical Space and Implementation Team (PSIT)