Reflections after the First Building Tour

Dave Mentz

13 people standing in orange safety vests and white hardhats

On March 27, I had the privilege to join 15 other UUC members for a memorable tour of our new church home. Typically, my experience with tours of houses or commercial buildings in the mid-construction phase is not terribly enlightening…but this tour of our UUC church home was quite different. Although the project is several months from completion and much work remains to be done, it was exciting to imagine how we will continue to build and grow our community and pursue our mission and vision in this new space.

Our tour was led by Alex Garcia, project manager for BNB Builders, the building/construction firm for our new church home. Throughout the tour, Alex and his team demonstrated a strong commitment to aligning with UUC’s goals and needs. We were also joined by two members of the Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT), who helped us visualize the finished building.

It was evident that our new building will provide many distinctive advantages… wonderful spaces for religious education and other meetings, ample natural light, a great flow between the various parts of the building, and inviting, welcoming entrances. It was also evident that BNBuilders and the PSIT have dedicated great energy to ensuring a very sound structure that will, under proper care, serve us well for many decades.

A few of the images that surfaced among attendees during the tour:

  • Kids sprawled across the floor of a spacious classroom with the attributes needed for learning, growth and fun.
  • Attendees at services and other events gathered in a more open, comfortable Nathan Johnson Hall that is attractive for both longer-term members as well as visitors and newcomers to our community.
  • Meeting spaces that enable our social justice teams to continue to grow and thrive and to help create positive change in the community.

In short, I strongly recommend joining a tour if you can! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no better way to anticipate and appreciate our new church home than to see it first-hand.

~Dave Mentz

Sign up for a building tour! Spaces are still available. May 7 has openings, as do the waitlists for May 15 and June 28.