Parking Changes at Our Renovated Building

Photo looking south from our renovated building into the parking lot

Three cheers! We will have a newly designed and paved parking lot ready for us when we return on November 3. And as you may already know, while we were away street parking in front of the church on 35th Ave NE also changed. Given this, many of us may need to adjust our parking habits when arriving at church. 

Our Redesigned Parking Lot

  • Main entrance/exit has moved south
  • Second entrance-only driveway
  • 72 parking spaces: 46 compact, 20 full-sized and
  • 6 no-curb ADA parking spaces near building
  • Enlarged circulation lanes and turn-around space

The City has re-engineered traffic flow on 35th Ave NE.

  • No parking on the west side of 35th Ave NE (across from the church)
  • As before, drop-off/pick-up only in front of our north entrance on Sunday mornings

With the loss of parking on 35th and the increased density in the neighborhood, parking may be challenging on Sundays. Please be courteous when parking in front of neighbors’ homes – especially the neighbors directly bordering our property on 36th Ave NE.  They have endured a lot of dust and noise throughout our project and deserve an extra measure of courtesy from us.

Project site updates

  • Parking lot striping is done
  • Landscaping along 35th Ave is complete
  • Administrative suite is ready for furniture
  • Fence installation along eastern boundary has begun

See previous updates on the Renovation and Expansion page of our website .