October’s Dedicated Plate Collection

Sunday, October 13

Teen Feed logo

For 15 years, UUC has partnered with Teen Feed, a non-profit that provides a variety of services to homeless teens, including street outreach, case management and advocacy. By serving a hot meal to these teens 365 days a year, Teen Feed advocates – both staff and volunteers – establish rapport and build trust, leading to conversations about needs, resources and goals. It takes time, and through some recent tracking, Teen Feed determined that it often takes three months of ongoing contact to build a trusted relationship, creating an environment that leads a teen to a plan of meaningful, incremental goals. This opportunity for consistent human contact starts with a low barrier – a nutritious hot meal, with free stuff to meet basic needs, like socks, underwear and snack bars.

Goals, determined by each teen with the support of a case manager, can provide a pathway out of homelessness. By giving each teen a voice, needs emerge, barriers are identified and small successes add up.

These Teen Feed meals, coordinated every night of the year by teams like UUC’s Meal Team, create an opportunity for Teen Feed advocates to establish rapport with these teens and help them move toward their goals – to finish earn a high school diploma, enroll in college, land a job or locate housing. Teen Feed’s motto — A Full Belly and Trust.

With over 1500 teens and young adults, aged 13 -25, on our King County streets every night, these nightly meals are critical on many levels. October’s Social Justice Plate Collection will be dedicated to UUC’s Teen Feed Meal Team, an intergenerational team of 28 congregants. UUC hosts 18 meals each year, and your generosity on October 13 will cover expenses for groceries and kitchen supplies for these meals. Help our UUC Meal Team contribute toward full bellies that create pathways towards trust, stability and a life without homelessness.