Notes from the DRE: Upcoming Youth Pilgrimages

Melody Moberg, Director of Religious Education

Melody Moberg

Dear families –

I’m thrilled to draw your attention to two excellent opportunities for youth travel and pilgrimage.

Youth pilgrimage to Transylvania July 2020

In July 2020, Unitarian Universalist teens from the US and Canada will journey to Transylvania (a region in what is now Romania) to participate in a Transylvanian youth camp. For Transylvanian Unitarian teens, this youth camp is their key religious and community experience for the year, like Cons in the US and Canada.
Youth – want to learn about partnership? Want to experience global Unitarian community? Want to experience non-colonial international travel and community building? Want to experience the physical, tangible reality of our 500 year old Unitarian ancestry? Go on this pilgrimage.

As an added bonus, this pilgrimage is being planned by two former UUC youth group members – Harriet Wright and Anna Keenan! [More information about this trip]

Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office Intergenerational
Spring Seminar in NYC April 2020

The UU United Nations Office is offering a 2020 Spring seminar April 16-18, in New York City.  This seminar will address the theme of climate justice. Registration for all attendees will be open from December 2019 through February 2020.

Programming during the Intergenerational Spring Seminar is interactive, encouraging participants to reflect on how the topic of climate justice affects them in their lives, their spirituality, and how they are called to respond. Moving from ideas to concrete action, participants will learn tools and skills to help them with future collaboration and activism.

Find more information here, including ways to apply for leadership positions (similar to those used at Con), such as Dean, chaplains, and a planning committee.