Minister’s Message from Jon

Rev. Jon M. Luopa

Dear Members and Friends:

One of the happiest tasks in my work is getting to say ‘thank you!’ regularly. A community of our size and complexity could not function effectively without the contributions of labor and support of many, many members. We have just about made it through a whole transitional church year of activities in many temporary spaces. That could not have happened without your flexibility, creativity and cooperation. So, thank you for being such a generous-spirited congregation!

We will have summer worship services every Sunday in late June, July and August. And we will start the new church season in September at Meadowbrook Community Center, continuing into October, and with hope that we will return to our newly renovated campus by late October or early November. While construction will be finished by early October, we will need to wait for our Occupancy Permit from the City of Seattle. That is the wild card in this hand.

I need also share with you that I have been encouraged to take the summer off. It has been 12 years since my last sabbatical and I have had no really significant break these last few years getting ready for and launching the capital campaign. Returning to the new building will require a fully recharged personal battery, so our Board, together with the Executive Team and some longtime lay leaders, have encouraged me to take this break. My last Sunday service will be June 23 and I will return to the pulpit on September 1.

Over these last 20 years I have always felt that I was most fortunate in serving you as one of your ministers. You are an extraordinary congregation, staff and leadership team. Thank you again, heartily.

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Rev. Jon M. Luopa
Senior Minister

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  1. Jerome Chroman says:

    And muchos gracias to you Jon for your stellar contributions to our lives as our beloved minister??✌?