Letter from Rev. Beth, January 2019

Rev. Beth Chronister

Dear members and friends of UUC,

Each day that the shutdown of the federal government continues, federal employees, contractors, and those who’s daily needs and livelihoods are connected to governmental services are bearing the weight of what is happening in Washington. The shutdown is affecting people’s abilities to pay mortgage, credit card, rent, and food and causing increasing anxiety as the days go on. Please know that UUC’s ministers, staff, and Care Team are thinking about you and are here to support those within our church community who are acutely feeling the impact of this shutdown.

If you are in need of some financial support to make it through this uncertain time, please know that UUC has a Sharing Fund to support members of our community. This fund is created from our offering each Christmas Eve and has been used to help cover rent, utilities, and food for members during times of heightened need. Please contact either Rev. Jon or myself to start a conversation if this could be supportive right now. If you are experiencing increased stressed and anxiety, please know that the Care Team is also a resource. They are trained in pastoral listening and accompaniment in hard times. Please know that you are not alone, but held within a community of support and solidarity. 

In faith,

Rev. Beth Chronister