Impressions from a Building Tour

Tour group standing in Nathan Johnson Hall

“A home for dreams and a house of action.” That phrase kept coming back to me as I toured our new church building with several members of Camilla’s Circle last Wednesday. Camilla’s Circle is our legacy society that honors individuals and families who have included UUC in their will or estate plan. Like many of those other members that day, UUC has been a cornerstone in my life for decades. I often wonder if that familiarity might cause me to take our congregation and church for granted, so I try to see things through the eyes of a visitor. What would someone who is new to our community experience as they are getting to know us?

I think they will see a home for their dreams. There is a small room that can serve a as chapel or quiet space meditation. Our candles of memory and hope will now be lighted in a contemplative place at the back of the sanctuary, and moms will have their own warm place of love to nurse and cuddle their little ones. 

Our new church home will be flooded with light-the eternal symbol of hope and the igniter of dreams. Both floors will be filled with natural light that will offer us its warmth and joy.

Our children, from newborns through teenagers, will have new, spacious areas they can call their own. I imagine a visiting teen, seeing this modern building and feeling its commitment to environmental justice and conservation, will settle in and feel at home in a church, maybe for the first time.

There are large and intimate meeting spaces, a kitchen we can be proud of, and welcoming areas that will say, “Hello. We’re glad you’re here.” When our social justice teams, and their community partners, gather for fellowship and to prepare to take action, UUC will be the place to join hands in solidarity. 

Our new church home was only a dream just a few years ago. Today I saw that it is real–and really a home for dreams and a house of action.

~Ken Mundt