Holiday Giving – Bigger Than Last Year!

UUC volunteers with piles of warm clothes donated by UUC congregants for Teen Feed - December 2019

So much appreciation to all who donated to this year’s Warm Clothes Giving Program to benefit Teen Feed! UUC collected even more in 2019, compared to last year. In total, UUC families donated 180 pairs of wool socks, 60 hats, 40 pairs of gloves, 25 hooded sweatshirts, 10 rain jackets, 3 tents, boxes of healthy snacks and more. Plus, over $700 in cash, which will be used to purchase gift cards at U-District stores where the teens often buy necessities.

In King County, there are nearly 1,000 homeless teens and young adults on any given night, so the generosity of UUC this year helps make this winter just a bit warmer for teens in the University District. And, year-round, nearly 30 UUC congregants volunteer with Teen Feed, preparing and serving meals 18 times per year. 

Thank you! — whether you donated during this month’s Warm Clothes Giving campaign, or volunteer with the UUC Meal Team.

To find out more about Teen Feed, contact Pam. And, to learn more about two new opportunities to get engaged with homelessness through UUC, see Economic Justice Team – Two New Projects.