Support the Winter Shelter

Rough cupped hands gently holding a cardboard cutout of a house

Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness (LCP) provides a winter shelter for people who are experiencing homelessness in North Seattle. From November to March, the shelter rotates from church to church in the Lake City Area.

We are looking for groups at UUC who would like to support this shelter on a one-time basis by providing grab-and-go food for a cold breakfast, cooking and delivering a hot dinner, or doing the weekly laundry (blankets). If your group would like to serve the community in one of these ways, please contact Judy Oerkvitz (, 206-799-9841) or Cynthia Lim (, 206-850-6354). We would be happy to provide more information and sign you up.

This program is sponsored by UUC’s Economic Justice Team.