From the Climate Action Team

Dare a Deed that Challenges and Kindle a Hope [1]

Sun and solar panel

It is common to feel helpless and vulnerable in face of danger. Climate change is a danger that leaves many feeling anxious and wondering what can be done. Our fear and worries are there for us to attend to and rather than letting them immobilize us we can recognize and befriend our fear. This will ready us to use its energy to take action and “assess the threat, explore our options, mobilize our resources, and confront the danger at hand.” [2]

Seattle leader and activist, Shaun Scott talked about not giving into fear and despair at the 2019 Youth Climate Strike in Seattle. He told the youth that the attention they have received “is not only recognition that the threat of climate change is real; but it’s also a statement that we can do something about it, and that we’re committed to doing something about it… We’re not giving in to despair. Instead, we’re giving this moment everything we have, because we think we deserve a brighter future, a planet we can live on, and systems that don’t replicate the environmental injustices of the past and the present.”

While fear is a necessary element in our tools for survival, how are we to hold this volatile feeling in the face of climate change and how can we respond despite our fears? [3] How can we be open and be “given wisdom and courage to dare a deed that challenges and to kindle a hope that inspires.” [4]

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