Draft Move Plan

(As of September 5, 2019)

While we all wait excitedly through the final stage of our construction project, we know many of you are curious about the plans for Returning Home. We want to assure you that staff and PSIT have been working on a plan for a smooth return. Unlike moving out, the return process will all be handled by professional movers and our furniture vendors, so we are not looking for volunteer help at this point.

Please keep in mind that this Draft Move Plan is a draft and may need to change. The dates given below are our best estimates.

Week of September 23

  • Maintenance contractor site visits

Week of October 6

  • Furniture delivery & setup

Week of October 14

  • Packing interim office
  • Remaining furniture deliveries
  • Pianos being moved in

Tuesday, October 15

  • Last day to use interim office conference room

Wednesday & Thursday, October 16-17

Keep Calm it's moving day
  • Staff packing up interim office

Week of October 21

  • Church offices closed (both interim and 6556)
  • Staff unpacking and setting up
  • UUC closed to visitors

Monday, October 21

  • Moving day (professional movers; no access by others to either church site)

Week of October 27

  • Church office closed
  • Volunteer training
  • Sunday service dress rehearsal
  • UUC closed to visitors

Sunday, November 3**

  • First worship service in our renovated sanctuary; all programs resume at UUC!

**This is a target date only and is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as delays with city Occupancy Permit.