Day of Meditation

Saturday, July 27, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Woodinville UU Church

UUC’s Zen meditation & study group is joining the Woodinville UU Zen group for a day of meditation at the  Woodinville UU Church (WUUC). Experienced and first-time meditators are invited. Drop-in/part-time attendance is welcome. There is no charge for this event, though offerings will be invited for WUUC, which has sheltered the group’s meditations for 15 years. Light refreshments will be available; please bring your own lunch.

The day will focus on cultivating compassionate action for self and others. Activities include silent and guided LovingKindness meditation, walking and outdoors meditation, and folding paper cranes as a symbol of transformation, healing, and nonviolence. Crane folding materials and instruction will be provided.

Strings of paper cranes
Strings of paper cranes

The day is dedicated to migrant children and families detained in inhumane conditions and prevented from seeking asylum in the U.S. The UU Zen groups are inspired by Tsuru for Solidarity, which began as a project of the Japanese American community in collaboration with allied organizations and groups. Tsuru (“crane” in Japanese) is organizing vigils and collecting paper cranes from around the world to hang on fences surrounding U.S. concentration camps. In 2020, the group will hang 125,000 paper cranes on the fence in front of the White House, representing each of the Japanese Americans and Japanese Latin Americans incarcerated during WWII, and now migrants from South and Central America.

A second day of LovingKindness meditation will be held at WUUC on Saturday, August 17. For more information, including a printable 2-page flyer, see the Zazenkai page on the UUC website.