Church Mailing Address Change

red mailbox

October is move month for UUC! The transition will take several weeks. However, we are already able to receive USPS mail at the main address: 6556 35th AVE NE (98115). During this month, please send church mail to the official church address, instead of using the temporary office address. This is especially important for donors sending checks to the church through bill pay systems set up with their banks.

We will set up USPS forwarding at the end of the month to catch things that still come to the temporary office. However, we encourage members not to rely on USPS forwarding, as it is not entirely reliable. Of course, we will continue to receive mail addressed to the temporary office during October, but we want to encourage people to switch over as soon as possible.

Please direct any questions about church mail or delivery to Jessica Monahan at the church office.