Church Database Update Update!

Last week we mentioned that we are migrating to a new and improved member portal and mobile app called UUC Connect. These tools will allow you to update your personal information, share your information the way you want to with other members of UUC, manage your pledges and online giving, join church groups, communicate with other church group members, register for church events, and much more!

If you used “Members and Friends Online” or the Church Life app, you can get started right away on UUC Connect. From the church website, click UUC Connect at the bottom of the left-hand menu to go to the login page. Then enter your email and password from your previous login or click “Forgot your password” and follow the instructions to reset your password. (Note that if you remember your old password but it doesn’t meet the UUC Connect password security requirements, you’ll need to update to a new password for your account.) On your phone or tablet, you can search for “ACS Connect” in the iOS App Store or Google Play to download the Connect app from ACS Technologies and use your same login to get started right away.

If you didn’t get a chance to use “Members and Friends Online” or the Church Life app, you’ll be getting more information this summer about setting up an account on UUC Connect. We ask for your patience as we “rebuild the airplane in flight,” as we add groups, events, and other features of UUC Connect. We invite any questions, requests for assistance, or suggestions for improvements as we move forward with this project. Please contact Jessica, Byron, or the staff member who works most closely with you for more information and stay tuned for more information and invitations coming soon!