Call for Sunday Welcoming Volunteers

Help Welcome Us Back Home!

UUC is a community of ourselves, even when we’re on the move! Over the past year we’ve moved out of our church home and in a few months we will move back in. Our Sunday Welcoming teams foster community at both our temporary and permanent church homes.

In November, our Sunday Welcoming teams will welcome us back home to our newly remodeled church home. All Sunday Welcoming teams will be invited to orientations at the new building before the first meetings and services. If you’re looking for an adventure without leaving UUC, join a Sunday Welcoming team this year!

Sunday Welcoming teams include ushers, greeters, and coffee crew. Working together, we create an intentional climate of warmth and welcome for all who come through the doors at UUC. If you’re an outgoing person with a desire to connect with many individuals, you could our team of cheerful greeters. If you have a desire to provide hospitality through nourishment and warm beverages, you could join our diligent coffee crew. If you’re about creating a calm and welcoming space, you could join our usher team.

We are now recruiting adults and teenagers to serve as volunteer ushers, greeters, and coffee crew members during the 2019-2020 church year. Sunday Welcoming volunteers usually serve once a month.

To learn more and to sign up, visit the Connections Table on Sunday morning or email Connections Coordinator, Nick Barnard.