We Did It!

We reached our building campaign goal of $17M!

At the congregational meeting on June 10, it was announced that we were $10K shy of meeting our $17M building campaign goal. After a matching challenge of $5K from our Board of Trustees, the congregation responded with overwhelming support and we have met our goal!

Here is an overview of some of the highlights of the past two years of the NFOA building campaign:

  • Over 330 families contributed to the Building Campaign– about 75% of our membership
  • Our total does not include over $400K that was generously donated by two families to fund the planning stage of the project
    30 families increased their initial pledges! And, after Sunday morning’s final fundraising challenge from the Board, that number will be larger
  • Engaging our congregation in thinking about legacy gifts will help the long-term financial stability of our church— 11 families have participated in the Shelter Rock challenge. Please contact Ken Mundt if you would like to learn more.
  • This endeavor had high and sustained engagement of the congregation with ~200 people attending the “There’s No Place Like Home” event in November and ~200 people attending the Stewardship Gatherings in February and March. People of all ages participated in the NFOA community art project. There were 30 storytellers as part of UUC stories–stories are on the website now!
  • Many volunteers supported UUC’s stewardship effort, including 25 visiting stewards, 15 facilitators, 27 calling stewards, 40 stewardship gathering hosts and a number of other small and large volunteer roles. Our goal was to help members and friends feel seen, known, and heard and to engage in a conversation around giving. Thank you for your participation.
  • And a spirit of joyful generosity and gratitude has definitely been part of this process! Think of the 100s of handwritten notes thoughtfully acknowledging every single gift to the annual operating or building campaigns.

What now? We need to finish reaching our goal for the annual operating drive. If you have not yet submitted your pledge form, please do so prior to June 30! (Click here for a printable pledge form that can be filled out, signed and returned to the church office.) We are ~$75K away from meeting our goal. Thank you so much!

With deep appreciation for your support, commitment and vision for our beloved community,

~Not for Ourselves Alone Building Campaign Team