WANTED: Help procuring UUC’s official Meadowbrook truck and trailer

I have to admit that I’m not a pickup owner, and I’ve never towed a trailer. So I could use some serious help setting up this solution!

We need to purchase a used truck and a 16- to 20-foot trailer for our year “on the road” to Meadowbrook Community Center! Every week, we’ll be hauling this rig up 35th AVE with all the things we need for our Sunday services and church school: hymnals, bins, coffee supplies, and 400 folding chairs, for starters.

If you’re a truck authority and if you’ve worked with trailers before (think boats, horses, RVs, all the other things north westerners hang on the back of their big rigs), please give me a call or send email. We need to determine the requirements in May, go shopping in June, and be ready for Sundays in July. And if anyone knows where to pick up some UU mud flaps, give me a shout!

Byron Krystad, Director of Operations

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